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2: 30 am - youre a boomerang youll see [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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2: 30 am [Jul. 21st, 2004|02:18 am]

Someone told me you’d be hereWhispering these familiar things
Talking to my little pet, smoking the same old cigarettes
I would have laughed I saw you last in summertime
You said you hated long goodby-y-yes
You said, “There’s nothing to explain, in every life a little rain”etcetera
And a long-forgotten fairytale is in your eyes again
And I’m caught inside a dream world where the colors are too intense and nothing is making sense
There’s a floating town of ire down in a mist of mystery
There’s an old enchanted castle and the princess there is me
…decked-out like a Christmas tree
I guess you’ve had your little joke
But I have lost my sense of hu-u-mor
My medication’s wearing off, for it’s just not strong enough
to cover this.
Then you kissed me like before I found myself wanting more
And you tell that little lie that kept me hypnotized
another kiss
If somebody told me I’d succumbIf someone said I’d be so dumb
After all the sleepless nights, when I turned on all the lights I would have hit them
But I have turned the other cheek My voice trembles, my knees are weak
And you beat me once again
And I know what happens then
…you raise the ante

From: (Anonymous)
2005-01-04 11:48 pm (UTC)
Eleanor : “ There’s everything in life but hope”
Henry: “ We’re alive and as I can tell, that’s all the hope there is”

Hope. There’s everything in life but hope. I just can’t get to a point where I can believe that. I think Henry is right. Life is hope. And it this because its all we have. We live this life. We have our own life. That , alone, gives me hope. We are given an opportunity to make something of ourselves. We can do whatever it is that we want. It might not always be easy, but it can be done with effort, persistence, strength, with heart. One of our earlier questions was why be religious, another was why love. I think hope directly relates back to both of them. We are religious because we need to be, we need the comfort of knowing that when we die, we’ll live on. At least we hope so. Regardless of whether we‘re right or wrong, we are religious. We love for basically the same reasons; to not be alone, to feel comfort, to feel complete. Again, regardless of why we do so, we do it. This is hope. We do everything that we do because there is hope. Hope that we will not be alone forever, hope that we can make something out of ourselves, hope that we’ll live our lives to the extent to which we truly want.
Eleanor was wrong because everything in life is hope. We love, and that is hope. We wake up everyday and do our daily routines. Why would we do this if hope didn’t exist? Our lives as we know them would be entirely pointless. Why get out of bed in the morning if there is nothing that can be achieved? Why bother waking up if you know that there is no hope for anything at all. Even if sometimes the hope that we have is just a false hope, at least its something. At least it gives us reason to continue on our journey through life. Believing in something like hope requires a lot of faith, but then again I think believing in something like life itself requires a crap load of hope.
Today I woke up, I went to school, I sat in classes, trying my hardest to pay attention and to learn something. I apply effort only when I truly like what im doing or when I know its something that has to be done. I do my work without really thinking about it. But then , every now and then, I get an assignment that I truly love. Something that makes me think, makes me curious, leaves questions unanswered in my head. And the reason that I love things that is because it gives me hope. Hope that there is more to learning than just facts and figures. There’s so much more to life than just facts and figures, more than simple charts and graphs. All that I have in my life is hope.
Hope goes back for as long as people live. The oldest history book you can find will demonstrate hope rather clearly when you look at it. When a country is torn apart by war, they pick up and rebuild, trying to get as close as they can to having what they had before. When a monstrous natural disaster rips through someone’s land, taking away everything they have, those people do whatever they can to try to get back on their feet. Why do they do this? Because they have hope that things will get better. That through life’s twists and turns everything will unfold in a good manner and things will end up how they should: well.
If there wasn’t any hope in life I honestly don’t think we would exist now because people would have given up a long time ago. I know that if I weren’t striving for something that I wanted I wouldn’t do anything at all. And if there wasn’t any hope I know I wouldn’t strive for anything. But there is hope. There is hope because there is life, and for as long as we’re alive, for as long as we exist, there will be hope.
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From: (Anonymous)
2005-05-23 05:01 pm (UTC)
Chad Kinniard
Ms. Marvin
CP English 12
In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman many characters are deeper than they may actually appear to be. He gives them all many levels that are made up of their speeches, thoughts, actions, and even their names. The most important character of the play, Willy Loman, is also the deepest character of the play. Will is a salesman and has been for a ver very long time . He lives in the city with his loving wife and is the father of two young men. He is working to pay off his house and seems to enjoy his job very much. If this were all you knew about Willy you would probably think he has it made. But there is much more to him than just those things. Willy’s job is not as good as he makes other people think it is. He struggles constantly to pay the bills, and often times ha sto borrow money just to get by. Willy’s two sons are both grown men who are living at home with no job and offer no support to their parents. Willy is losing his mind and constantly slips form reality into these flashbacks that he has. He has tried to commit suicide, and while his wife, Linda, knows this, she fails to confront him about the very serious problem. All this not to mention the affair that Willy had that his son Biff discovers on a trip to Boston to visit his father. These are th important things, the things that need to be looked at to truly understand the character of Willy.
One important aspect of Willy’s life is his sons. This is also one of the first aspects that is looked at in the play. A lot about Willy’s current situation is revealed through his flashbacks, but it is also important to know what is going on just before the flashback. Just before Willy’s first flashback he and Linda are discussing their son Biff, who has just returned to the house. This is also where Willy first begin to openly contradict himself. It is shown when he talks of Biff. In one moment he says “ not finding yourself at the age of thirty-four is a disgrace!…the trouble is he’s lazy goddammitt!… Biff is a lazy bum!” (Act One p 16). Then in the next moment he says “ Biff Loman is lost. IN the greatest country in the world a young man with such- personal attractiveness, gets lost. And such a hard worker. There’s one thing about Biff- he’s not lazy. “ (Act One p 16). This leads up ti Willy’s first flashback of the play. Here Willy has just returned form a business trip and is washin gthe car with his boys. He pays extra close attention to Biff and shows him how proud he is that Biff made captain of the football team and is very popular.Bernard, the neighbor, comes over to help Biff study, but Willy sends him away saying “ what are you talking about? With scholarships to three universities they’re gonna flunk him? “ ( Act One p 33). It turns out that Biff does fail. Maybe if willy had made Biffs study instead of sending Bernard away and being so sure of himself Biff would have passed. Maybe then Willy would not contradict himself about Biff, because he would not have to feel guilty for his failures.
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From: (Anonymous)
2005-05-23 05:02 pm (UTC)
A lot about Willy is also revealed through the lies that he tells to make up for what he is lacking in his life. He even lies to his wife on numerous occasions about how much money he makes. He tells her one moment that he did very well that week, then after she lists off the many bills they have to pay, he confesses that perhaps he did not do that well after all. He also lies to just about everyone about his job. He tells them all how much he loves it and how much people love him. Then he reveals that no one buys from him and people just basically think he nothing more than a joke. He also has a lot of things hidden, such as his affair. These things all show that Willy feels he must compensate for his failures by making his life better with lies.
There are many other things that make Willy Loman an interesting character. His name alone can show something. Was it an accident that Arthur Miller decides to give him the last name of Loman or “ Low- man” to show Willy’s place in society? Chances are it was not a coincidence. Neither were all of Willy’s flashbacks that just so happen to explain a situation that was occurring in the present. Willy is a very multi-layered character. His true feelings are shown by the mixing of the past and the present. And in the end , when he kills himself so that his family can get the life insurance, he shows that all he really wanted was to do good for his family, no matter what that meant to him.
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