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drumke n misrt - youre a boomerang youll see [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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drumke n misrt [Jun. 27th, 2004|04:26 am]
[mood |drunkdrunk]

So im at amber hs house and i ahve hfitrknken a but of a few drinks. No vomit. Rguis uis rge first time ive bdur drybjk,
kylue sudududid better at this , but im not trtubg as hard. kd and hish are geer riii i mean too, wpw olio you are way better at thiw you should yiot ywhat you justy said.kyluie saus dibr sat abt rgubf ava aviyr ger npt s goo dtyper anyway/ im so sorrt about this kylie si is deciferavle but mine is bad, please dont tell anyone ok? Klueie had to go to comfest tomorrow thi s kid is in my bed im gonnnsn a kick him out no,w i van almoyt read whar im tupin. niught jids

[User Picture]From: joshpolak
2004-07-09 08:02 am (UTC)



i'm a big drunk-ass jerk!! i've been drinking a bottle of Carlo Rossi (TM) cabernet suavignaon for like two hours now and taking some sweeeet ass pnakillers too, s o i'm exrtra deee-runk right now!!


carlo is looking at me right now from the botytle....he's all bald and sthit but he KNOWS....he's got this twinkle in his eyes ccause he knows his sweet sweet grapes are getting me d--ee---runk and he's happy cause i'm happy....ya dig?

tastes like ass though, i must say.

so i've been accused of being way too emo. guess i am. can i help it if love is real? no. cause love IS real, and it's awesome,. and like the man says it's not just in long distance commercials.

and i was so fukkkkin in love once ands he left me for someone better and there really aren't words in te englsh lanugage to accuratly descibe how devastating that is. it's lik ethe worst pain you can imagine.

i have all of my limbs. but i imagine how an amputee must feel. he probanbly misses his arma a LOT. that's how my i miss my michelle.

OK.......i guess i better go now. sorry. tyhe VINO makes me crazy and i post comments in random people's LJs/ sorry about that. i'm very sorry.
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[User Picture]From: kyliooo
2004-07-10 08:56 pm (UTC)

when are we going out for coffee? i'm going to a party at mrs robbert's new place (which you're invited to, if you're not working), so you guys won't be able to find me at home.

directions to ed's:
go to tiki
turn onto monmouse (it's only one way)
go left at the T (chartwell road)
the house is at the bottom of the hill on fuller on the left by the office, the number is 1402
if you park, park on an unnumbered spot or at the end of the gravel.

uh, call my cell when you guys get off work... 215 7359.
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